Week 6 “Ask the Gals”

I’m not seeing the progress I would like to be seeing. I only have a few pounds left and my motivation is waning. I think it’s time to reverse up and try again after the holidays- probably in like 6 months. How do I know when it’s time to increase carbs and fats as I reverse? I’m terrified to lose all of my progress as I’ve been holding steady for a long time!

If you find yourself with a “few” pounds- it’s absolutely time to reverse. Body composition changes happen in maintenance where the body is able to build lean muscle as well as support muscle development. Stop chasing 5 pounds. That can change in a day. Take new pictures, check your measurements. This is the mindset change that is liberating. If you’re losing steam it is also a great time to hit PAUSE and reverse and reevaluate. We have a blog post of multiple questions about reversing and when it is time.

With all this talk about sleep, how do we make sure we get enough sleep? I almost never sleep the whole night. I can fall asleep just fine, it’s staying asleep that I can’t do. How do I fix that? I’ve been awake since 3:45 AM as I write this and it’s 5:48 AM now. I’ve just been laying in bed trying to sleep and....nothing.

Sleep is NO JOKE. Pay attention to the hours before you sleep, meditation apps, cool room temps, white noise, melatonin, z-quil, midnights, phone or bright lights off an hour before, caffeine, water intake

I have been counting macros for many years and I have been doing the 8 week macro challenge and have lost some weight and look and feel better. Thank you! As we come to the end of the 8 weeks I feel like I still have more fat I can get rid of but I am also afraid of burning out after the 8 weeks. Would it be best to reverse and maintain for a while and then come back to a cut? I don’t feel like the cut has been too difficult for me to stick with but in the past when I cut I get burned out and just quit. Thanks for your advice.

Yes! Absolutely! Kudos to you for being a forward thinker! It’s best to do this before a burn out, not during! Think of it like a road trip. Pausing, spending the night vs driving straight through. Everyone is going to recharge and stay motivated differently. Getting gas, filling the tank, do you wait till the light or when you know you have a station close? Quitting and reversing and staying in maintenance ARE NOT THE SAME. One keeps you breaking even while also supporting body composition changes, the other you’re at the whim of life.

I’m sure this has been answered but I can’t find it, can we access all the content once the challenge is over?

After the challenge unfortunately our time has come to an end! Download or save any documents you wish beforehand- Membership details TBD

Hi- I would love to continue with this same elite check in during your next challenge. Is it too late to sign up for that? I am planning to have my BMI done at the UofU and determine how I want to continue. I’d love some coaching through that process! Thanks!

Not too late at all! We are developing a continuation program- details and how to sign u will be released this weekend!

I have two questions. I’m heading to Disneyland at the end of the month for my husbands work, how do I not eat all the things? What is a good way to find a balance between resisting all the temptation while not tracking for a weekend? I also am going to visit family for a week and while my mom is supportive, I’m sure we’ll be eating out and I won’t be cooking my dinners as much. Do you bring your scales when you stay with family? Would it be weird to leave a scale at my moms? I get obsessive about things and I’m loving macros but it’s still new to me and I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made.

We have Disneyland and California Adventure food mapped out for you at #thatmacrobutterlife on Instagram! Here’s where the flexibility portion of flexible dieting comes in. Occasions, vacations, and special family times are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule. Do we encourage you to do the best you can? Absolutely! Have a protein packed breakfast before you head into the park- think omelette with ham vs belgian waffle to start your day out strong! That being said, if it’s WORTH IT TO YOU, go for it! You know the difference between mindful eating and mindless eating. Pregame with your own snacks- protein shake, jerky, bar- only to make the real indulgences satisfying and meaningful! Aka that Dole Whip or that Churro! Remember that one amusement park day or one trip isn’t going to make or break you. It’s your overall habits that DEFINE you. When you get back to your routine, get back to it! Put the effort back into every day life when you have more control vs never at all. We have how to house guest as well at #thatmacrobutterlife!

On my check in I was told to add again if I’m ready. What exactly would that be?

If you’re in a reverse and your measurements are stable- no change in waist measurement, feel free to add another 100-150 calories (we usually recommend in the form of 3-4g fat and 15-18g carbs to start to increase to maintenance which should be noted in your custom macro count from the beginning of the challenge as well as your Beginner’s Guide to Macros on your home page!