Week 7 Ask the Gals

Reversing!! I just wanted to clarify numbers. My original were 135p 47f and 155 c. This week I added up to 135p 50f and 170 c. I started that Wednesday and lost an inch in my waist!! Crazy! Should I change that number again? Even though it’s only been 4 days or see what happens this week and add on next Monday?

We typically recommend weekly, but sometimes as we add in food in our reverse, we actually find ourselves hungrier! Our bodies are recognizing, OH YEAH, I do need more food than I’m eating in a cut, and the metabolism fires. Totally normal! If you find yourself hungry in the middle of the week and want to add another increase, go for it! The true indicator of how fast or slow you should go are your weekly measurements and using that as a gauge for your progress!

Your emails are so timely! Sickness hit my family & me recently and I’m frustrated. I certainly didn’t worry about macro numbers as I couldn’t eat much (broth & water) but who gains weight not eating very much for 4 days?! I know I shouldn’t care about the scale but good grief. I’ve done three challenges in the course of one year. Too many? My brain is tired.

Throw any kind of results after being sick to the wind! Even if you were eating way less, the body can’t be held accountable for what fluctuations happens when its sick! You’re not yourself and your body is undergoing a form of stress! Stress causes fluctuations. Don’t stress about fluctuations until you’ve been tracking consistently for a couple of weeks and back to your normal routine! As far as the number of challenges in one year…we talked more about this in the Facebook Live, but short answer is that whatever you feel comfortable with and doesn’t blow your brains out, BUT your body craves homeostasis. The constant going back and forth from being in a calorie deficit to maintenance back to a calorie deficit…is another form of yo-yo dieting. We’re not here to tell you to stop going for your goals or to give up by any means, but we DO want you to be aware of your behaviors. If your brain is tired then TAKE A BREAK. BE FLEXIBLE. Bend before you break. Take a week off from tracking. Give the app an entire week break. Or just track dinner. Or let go of weighing your food for a bit. LOOSEN THE REINS.

I am thinking about reversing after the challenge to a maintenance level. I seem to have either been eating at a deficit fairly consistently or throwing in the towel all together. I'd like to see what happens if I eat at maintenance for a few months and then try another cut the beginning of the year. I like the idea of working my calories back up over time mindfully and allowing my body to adjust. I think I've found a range but wondered if you can give me numbers for that to check against mine.

That’s a great idea! We support maintenance during the holidays. If you go into maintenance we recommend staying there for a minimum of 2-3 months before jumping into another cut. As far as finding your range, you can read up in our How to Calculate Your Macros Guide to find your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).