Week 8 Ask the Gals

Is the price to continue as an insider $79? I thought I heard something about a discount for current members.

Check out our Alumni Membership! We’re so excited about this!

So here’s the thing, what if one hasn’t been totally great with tracking, sporadic results but in a good downward trend, how do you reverse successfully? Do I try to hit my macros for a specific time (two solid weeks?) before I can expect a good reverse? Or will I be all over the board in my reverse like I was in my cut? I think I just answered my question. Crap.

First off, love your personality showing through the question! Haha, you guys are awesome. Now for the answer...You don’t need to earn a reverse! Our best advice is to start from an average of where you’ve been tracking, and go from there! Don’t put all this pressure on yourself. Sometimes it’s not realistic to go to your lowest set of macros ever and start from there. You’re just not there mentally. Just go ahead and start from a good average baseline and slowly and methodically increase from there. As always, you don’t have to be perfect!

Can you tell us a little bit about what happens at the end of this challenge and when that is? Is it November 4th? And what are our options going forward with you guys?

The challenge ends today, Friday, November 2nd. If you are an Elite, your last check in is Sunday, November 4th! And our Alumni Membership is ready to rock! The sign-up window closes Sunday, November 4th! Alumni Membership starts Monday, November 5th.

Maybe you’ve answered this before, but I’ll ask anyway. I’m new to macros and one of the things I love is that nothing is off limits as long as it fits which takes away the weird shame and anxiety of being on a “diet” and having a treat. I know exactly where that treat fits every time! Yes! Knowledge is freedom! With the holidays coming up, how have you been successful with making all those party/holiday foods and drinks fit? Are you just eating a boat load of protein all day and saving all your carbs and fats for party food? What about for all day holidays? Should I pack my own food? Not track for the day? I want to keep the anxiety at bay through the holidays. Help!

Frustratingly so, our answer is it depends! The great thing about macros is that if there’s no good or bad foods, what do you choose? Purely just a math problem. How do you create balance out of all of these different variables. So we always say your consistency over time is what matters. If you have just one day a week or a meal here or there through the holiday season or you can build it in or go untracked, go ahead with that. If you feel like it’s turning into a one day after another of just all these influences coming at you and throwing you at your goals, then we want to be a little more proactive. Maybe then you think about packing your own food, or bringing a macro friendly appetizer to the party or things like that. We’re big fans of pre-gaming for parties. Making sure to get your protein in beforehand. Being mindful of your portions is encouraged so that you’re not just nervously grazing or distractingly eating. Enjoy it! Make sure it’s an experience that’s worth it to you that you’re enjoying. Look for opportunities to be active! Take a step back and look at what you want to get out of this holiday season. We are food lovers! There’s some great treats! There’s some things that are worth planning ahead for and planning your indulgences or just saying you know what this is my holiday party and I’m going to enjoy myself! And then getting back to it the next day. All the shame and anxiety that comes with eating the foods you’re “not supposed” to eat….we want to avoid that! It only turns into a tailspin situation when you make it that way! The important thing is to get right back to it!

When I received my original numbers, they were 2025 calories, 155P, 65F, 205C. My maintenance calories were listed as 1900-2100. At some point I would like to reverse to maintenance, maybe for the holidays, and those numbers don’t make sense for maintenance since my cutting numbers are in that range. Thanks so much for your help!!

This particular challenger has a larger weight loss goal. She has over 50 lbs she wants to lose. In those situations we tend to put macros higher not just for the sake of consistency, so that you have room to reduce your macros when you plateau since you have further to go. Instead of going to an extreme calorie deficit and then having your metabolism rate go down so quickly...then when you plateau you have nowhere to go! She’s one of our Elite members and she’s had GREAT progress. There’s a couple of questions we would ask her to think about. If your progress is still continuing and your calorie level is doable, we encourage you to think about staying where you are! But if you’re mentally taxed, and these numbers are challenging for you to hit, then reverse for sure! There are a few options. You could just add in a level (3g fat and 15g carbs) and see how that affects your progress. You could also JUST reverse which would probably be 2-4 increases. But again you’ll want to monitor that. But we want to always make outcome-based decisions. Basing them on progressing and results.

So, if this is my first time counting macros, and I am still have weight I want to lose (about 10lbs.) , should I stay in a cut? (Yes I have dieted on a off for years and my metabolism is not great!) ...So to cut or not to cut at the end of this challenge?

Again reiterating about making outcome-based decisions. If your progress has slowed or stopped, there’s no reason to stay. If you haven’t already reduced your numbers, you can do a reduction ONCE. Most of our macros have room for one more level down, but if that doesn’t help, then we say reverse! Make sure to follow our reversing guidelines found HERE. All of it depends on if you’re seeing progress or not. If you reverse then you want to stay in maintenance for at LEAST a few months. And don’t forget that just because you’re in maintenance doesn’t mean that your progress has stopped! Maintenance is a great place to be!