Workout Intensity

Low, moderate & hard workouts are good for all! Intensity is subjective & depends on experience & fitness--so ask YOURSELF how hard it is for YOU.

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220 - Age = Maximum Heart Rate

Lower limit = max HR multiplied by 0.5

Upper limit = max HR multiplied by 0.85


Increases HR but not to the point of breathing heavy, it’s a 4-6 out of a 1-10. You should feel comfortable & be able to continue for a long time, 35-54% of max HR. This could include your daily activities.


It’s easy so you can do a lot of it! LI activity will increase your daily calorie burn, improve range of motion in joints, lower stress & provide recovery from harder workouts.


Feels like work but it's not so hard that you need to quit in the next few minutes. You are breathing deeply but not gasping--it’s a 6-7 out of a 1-10 & about 55-70% of max HR.


It allows you to maintain your calorie-burning session for a longer period of time. MI activity improves cardio-respiratory endurance, reduces stress, improves heart health & boosts metabolism. Because the intensity is tolerable (it doesn’t suck too much) you can do more of these workouts without risking injury or burn out.


Is SO hard you can only maintain the effort for a short time. It sucks your oxygen, on the verge of gasping for breath--it’s a 8-9 out of a 1-10 range. High Intensity Interval Training (a.k.a HIIT) is a form of interval training but not all interval training qualifies as HIIT. To truly be HIIT it's gotta be all-out, balls-to-the-wall, giving-it-everything-you-didn’t-think-you-had.


Research shows those who do HIIT are more successful at burning fat. It’s super efficient--burning mega calories in a short amount of time. BUT you are at higher risk for injury & burn out.

Be mindful about staggering the intensity of your workouts!! Give yourself plenty of time to recover both in body & mind! BUT don’t take it too easy--be accountable to yourself for the effort you exert: it doesn’t matter what your 9 out of 10 looks like compared to the next person--it just matters that you push yourself because THAT is how you get better.