Don’t let small minds convince you let your dreams are too big.
— Unknown

Your Dream Excuse

Your dream is the road-map for your ideal life.  It's the thing you are meant to do and it's a gift God has given you to allow you to experience and contribute to this world in an extraordinary way.  But pursuing your dream, for most people, means overcoming your brain that wants to play safe.  We often have an excuse for why we can't have the life we want.  We don't always view it as an excuse.  We think it's just a fact.  But when you recognize it as an excuse, you see that it is an optional thought that is in your way.

What is the excuse you tell yourself for not pursuing your dream?  Is it your children?  Your time?  You just aren't strong enough?  You were afraid of what people would think?  What if your dream excuse was printed on your headstone as the reason your life wasn't as extraordinary as it was supposed to be?

"She shouldn't because of the kids."

"He just loved food too much."

"She didn't know how."

"He was too busy."

"She didn't want to fail."

"He was worried others would judge him."

If you read that on someone's headstone you would say, "Noooo! Don't let that stop you dude!  This is your life and you only get one.  Go big!"  And if you want to, you can tell yourself that right now if you want.  I highly encourage it.

Your future self is available to you if you choose to access him or her.  Most people don't think about their future selves, but this is a mistake.IF you choose to picture yourself having accomplished the goal you have set, you can get to know him or her.  What does that future version of you feel like? What do they think about that you aren't currently thinking about?  If you spend some time with this person, you become this person and then achieving your goals is just closing the gap on who you are now and who you want to be.  Don't make the mistake of getting your identity from your past.  The past is a much easier place to live, but unless you want to just keep recreating your past, you'll need to spend time in your future.

Often our dream excuse comes from evidence we find in the past.  When you notice your brain doing this, bring it back to the present and then spend time in the future.  Anything is possible in your future.  Your future self knows the solution so make sure to access him or her to your benefit.

-Jody Moore 2018

Use Your Dream Excuse Worksheet to work through your own dream excuse.